can cats eat ferret food – Can They Share Meals?

Some people might think that cats and ferrets are the same, but they aren’t! Cats are feline animals, and ferrets are…ferrets! Cats and ferrets have different body structures, behavior patterns, and dietary needs. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to cat food vs. ferret food, they aren’t interchangeable! When it comes to feeding your kitty or furry friend, you need to figure out what animal you’re feeding first to pick out the best food for your furry friend! Can cats eat ferret food?

Can Cats Eat Ferret Food

No, you should never feed a cat ferret food.

Despite what some pet food manufacturers would have you believe, cats and ferrets are not closely related. The cat family includes lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, and cougars, while ferrets are more closely associated with mink. A safe diet for one of these animals may not be safe for another. For example, a diet appropriate for a cat would not be suitable for a ferret because it’s high in protein but low in fat. Ferrets need lots of protein to help them produce their thick coat, but too much protein can lead to kidney problems. When it comes to your pet’s health, always ask your veterinarian before making any changes to its diet.

What are the risks of feeding your cat ferret food?

There are a few risks of feeding your cat ferret food. For example, ferrets are prone to a parasitic disease called toxoplasmosis, and cats can develop life-threatening illnesses from eating prey that has eaten contaminated animal droppings. There’s also a risk for allergic reactions; ferrets can have been exposed to ingredients your cat is allergic to, like chicken, lamb, or fish. To avoid these risks, stick with high-quality pet food specially formulated for cats.

Can Cats Eat Ferret Food


You may wonder if your feline friends can safely eat ferret food if you have cats and ferrets. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem—you must ensure your ferret eats his food away from the rest of the pets in your home. However, some ferrets occasionally eat cat food, which could cause an upset stomach if consumed regularly. Find out more about whether or not cats can eat ferret food below.

Why Feeding Two Different Species Is Challenging

Cats and ferrets are obligate carnivores, meaning they have a high dietary requirement for animal-based protein to function correctly. In addition, many vets consider cats and ferrets on opposite ends of a food allergy spectrum: Cats tend to be allergic to plant-based proteins, while ferrets are allergic to animal-based proteins. You don’t have to stop your cat from eating its favorite people’s food when a new pet joins your family—but you will need to learn how to best feed two different species at once.

Can Cats Eat Ferret Food

Allergies in Cats and Ferrets

In some cases, your cat may be allergic to your ferret. For example, an allergic reaction could occur upon contact if one of you has an overactive immune system—the same holds for if you’re both taking a course of antibiotics or certain medications. Since cats and ferrets both suffer more skin problems than most other types of pets, it’s also possible that either (or both) of you could be suffering from mites or fleas. If so, treating your animals with medication can help eliminate these pests once and for all!

Can Cats Eat Ferret Food

Determining What to Feed Them

The trickiest part of feeding a ferret may be figuring out what to provide it. Ferrets are naturally carnivores; their nutritional needs can’t be met by plant-based foods alone. However, ferret food isn’t as easy to find as a cat or dog food; it’s not carried in grocery stores or available at every pet supply store. A good option is to go with a grain-free, meat-based diet that includes Ferret Food Supplement — particular nutrients added for ferret health — from reputable brands like Iams or Royal Canin. Instead of those brands, choose one labeled complete nutrition or has most of its calories from animal protein sources like chicken and beef.

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