Can Cats Eat Funyuns? An Expert Weighs In

Can cats eat Funyuns? That’s the question at hand, and I’m happy to say that the answer, in short, is yes (but with conditions). If you haven’t heard of this snack food before—and I’m betting most of you haven’t—Funyuns are onion-flavored chips, which means they may be a tempting snack for your feline friend (or enemies).

But are they suitable for cats? Let’s break it down and learn more about whether or not cats can eat Funyuns and under what circumstances.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your cat can eat Funyuns, you’re not alone – countless others have asked this question in the past! While some sources claim that cats can and will eat almost anything, there are plenty of reasons this snack food is not so great for feline consumption.

Before you feed your cat Funyuns, it’s essential to know the facts about this popular snack food and its effects on cats. Here’s what you need to know to keep your cat safe from Funyuns!

Can Cats Eat Funyuns

What Are Funyuns?

Funyuns are a crunchy snack made of onion and garlic powder, with corn syrup solids added for sweetness. They can be purchased in small packets and distributed at movie theaters or gas stations. Sometimes you’ll find them in bags designed to look like containers of tater tots.

Regardless of their container, two critical questions need answering: Can cats eat Funyuns? And should they eat them? As an expert who’s spent years researching feline nutrition and health, I think I’m qualified to answer both. Read on for my answer and why you should (or shouldn’t) give your cat Funyuns as a treat.

Why Should You Worry About Food?

There are plenty of reasons to worry about food, even if you aren’t a cat. But cats are particularly susceptible to obesity and other issues because they don’t have any scruples about eating whatever is available.

Many times that means if there is an open bag of fungus next to their bowl, they won’t hesitate to dive in and sample some sweet deliciousness. The result: obese kitties everywhere. So, let’s consider why you should worry about your cat’s food (and what you can do about it).

Can Cats Eat Funyuns

Are Any Other Foods That Might Be Dangerous For My Cat To Eat?

It’s best to keep your cat away from any human food that might not be good for him. This can be incredibly challenging if you have a picky feline that eats just one kind of cat food. If you think your cat is eating only one type of cat food, he may be sneaking some human foods at other times.

That said, even if he doesn’t eat anything else but his favorite brand of kibble, it still might not be suitable for him. Some canned foods are also very high in sodium which may contribute to high blood pressure and other health issues for your feline friend.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About These Treats For My Cat?

No, not really. But if you have questions or concerns that haven’t been addressed here, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian. And remember that although cats can eat some of these snacks, you should still keep an eye on them as they could contain ingredients that aren’t good for their health, like salt or additives.

Make sure you watch for any unusual behavior; throwing up or diarrhea are possible signs that your cat may be reacting to something in its treats. If your pet starts acting strangely after consuming one of these foods, contact a vet immediately. Good luck!


Is it safe for your cat to eat them?

Yes, it is safe for your cat to eat them, but you must ensure that you remove all the onions before feeding them to your cat, as onions are toxic for cats. In addition, a small amount will not harm your cat, but if you provide your cat with more than a few pieces of onion at once, it can cause problems like stomach upset and diarrhea.

If you want to feed your cat something similar to Funyuns that’s healthier for them, try offering some sweet potato chips instead! They have a similar texture and crunch without being unhealthy for your cat!

can cats eat funyuns
can cats eat funyuns

Can they cause vomiting or diarrhea?

According to Science Diet, cats lack a crucial enzyme called feline pancreatic lipase, which helps digest fats. This means that when your cat eats food with a high-fat content (like a Fritos snack), it will sit undigested and make her sick, causing vomiting or diarrhea.

Food like Funyuns is meant for human consumption—not for felines! If you think about it from a human standpoint, you won’t eat fried corn puffs simply because they look appetizing; but if you’re an unsuspecting cat owner without any pet nutrition knowledge and your hungry kitty starts begging at your feet while she stares at those tasty looking snacks, what do you do?

What If My Cat Is Already Eating A Treat Like This? Should I Stop Them From Doing So Right Away?

I wouldn’t worry about it if they’re eating them because they taste good and not because of any addiction. Most cats (like most people) occasionally indulge in junk food – which isn’t necessarily bad for their diet or health; what is essential to remember, though, is that a cat’s diet should primarily consist of meat, fish, eggs, and other protein-based foods.

Can Cats Eat Funyuns

Make sure you avoid giving your cat any processed food containing preservatives or trans fats, and make sure you feed them a healthy mix of treats that aren’t overly high in sugar or salt either. For example, do you know which treats are made with human-grade ingredients instead of animal byproducts?

Final Thoughts

On a related note, you might be asking yourself whether feeding your cat junk food is okay. Before getting into that, it’s important to note that cats have no one size fits all diet.

Each kitty has unique nutritional needs and preferences, so what works for one feline may not work for another. That said, there are specific basic rules of thumb when feeding your healthy cat food.

Can Cats Eat Funyuns

My final thoughts about this product.

It might sound fun to feed your cat something like Doritos or Fritos, but in all honesty, it’s probably not a good idea. Even though these snacks aren’t technically made for cats (though they make chips for dogs), cats will still enjoy them – at least at first. Those salty snacks are loaded with sodium and could lead to serious health problems.

If you want to treat your cat to something sweet, look for products specifically designed for felines. Some cats love raisins; others prefer treats made with fish oil or chicken fat. Whatever you choose, remember that moderation is key! One can of tuna isn’t going to hurt your kitty – after all, they eat mice!

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