Can Dogs Eat KFC Popcorn Chicken? You Might Be Surprised!

can dogs eat KFC popcorn chicken? KFC Popcorn Chicken has become a big hit, which means many people wonder if dogs can eat KFC Popcorn Chicken. The short answer is YES! But, before you feed it to your dog, there are some things that you should consider. This article will tell you more about the different ingredients in KFC Popcorn Chicken and what your dog can and cannot eat safely from the KFC menu items.

The protein in fried chicken

Most people know that fried chicken is a high-fat, high-calorie meal. And dogs should not eat it. KFC popcorn chicken has less fat and calories than you might think. A three-ounce serving of plain fried chicken contains about 18 grams of protein; a three-ounce serving of KFC popcorn chicken has 14 grams. For most dogs (except for toy breeds), an extra gram or two won’t make much difference. However, a large dog will likely consume more than one serving if given free rein in your kitchen. To limit his intake, you may need to take a firmer stance with your pup—and keep him out of your kitchen when cooking fried foods like fried chicken.

Can Dogs Eat KFC Popcorn Chicken

The fat in fried chicken

Though we know fried chicken isn’t as healthy as grilled chicken; it doesn’t automatically mean that you should never feed your dog chicken with breading. It all comes down to how much fat is in a serving of that food. A 3-ounce serving of plain, boiled skinless white meat chicken has 65 calories and 2 grams of fat. Meanwhile, a piece of chicken nugget from KFC weighs in at 45 calories but 5 grams of fat—75 percent more than a piece of plain white meat. So if you’re feeding your dog popcorn chicken, make sure it’s not doused in gravy or oil before giving it to him.

The starch in fried chicken

If you’re sharing your bucket of chicken with a dog, it’s a good idea to know how much salt is in that chicken—it could be more than your pup can handle. A single serving of traditional fried chicken from KFC contains 1,660 milligrams of sodium. That’s 55 percent more than a human should consume in an entire day (the recommended daily limit is 1,500 milligrams). And yet people eat more than 800 million pieces of fried chicken from fast-food restaurants each year. Your dog’s diet should be high in protein and low in fat, so keep sodium levels down by making sure most of your pup’s food comes from fresh meat or veggies.

Can Dogs Eat KFC Popcorn Chicken

The salt content in fried chicken

Is it awful for your dog to eat a bit of fried chicken now and then? As long as you’re careful about how much and what kind of fried chicken you give your dog, it shouldn’t pose a problem. According to a study published in 2014 in Veterinary Medicine & Science, dogs don’t need salt—they can get all they need from other foods. Many people might be tempted to share ketchup packets with their puppy, but that may not be a good idea because catsup has more than 4x more sodium than most commercial dog foods. If your furry friend does get into some unhealthy snacks, try rinsing his mouth out with water immediately afterward or giving him something bland like yogurt.

Common symptoms of your dog overeating food

They vomit up a few hours after eating and eat it again. When dogs are trying to get rid of excess food in their stomach, they often will regurgitate. Also, be aware that dogs who are stressed or anxious will overeat. If your dog tends to fill when you’re gone for long periods, try leaving them with a toy or treat-dispensing puzzle toy, so they have something productive to do while away. In addition, if you notice your dog has diarrhea shortly after being fed table scraps, it might be due to something in your leftovers (chocolate is toxic for dogs), and you should stop giving them these foods as treats.

Can Dogs Eat KFC Popcorn Chicken

Dog obesity – how to spot it and what you should do

Studies have shown that overweight dogs are more likely to develop canine diabetes. Those who already have diabetes can often be helped by changing their diet and exercise habits, according to PetMD. A rapid weight loss in dogs is just as dangerous as in humans. To lose weight safely but quickly for your dog, you’ll need to consult a veterinarian about a proper diet and exercise routine. They will know how much food your dog needs to eat based on his size and energy level and will be able to tell you what types of activities may be safe for him based on his breed, age, health status, etc. For example, specific exercises may not suit senior pups who suffer from hip pain.

Ways to stop your dog from eating unhealthy things like fried chicken

Prevent your dog from eating unhealthy food items. Most of us would assume that dogs can’t eat food like fried chicken. After all, there are even labels on some popcorn chicken packages warning people not to feed them to pets because they contain potentially harmful ingredients. Some dogs have extremely high metabolisms that enable them to consume many different types of foods without suffering any side effects. If you love your dog and want them to stay healthy and active, consider preventing them from eating unhealthy food items.

Can Dogs Eat KFC Popcorn Chicken

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