Can Dogs Eat Longan? Everything You Need to Know

You aren’t alone if you’re wondering whether your dog can eat longan. Longan fruits are delicious and nutritious, but most people don’t know much about them. Whether you have a large or small breed dog, it’s essential to see if they can safely eat longan to avoid an upset stomach or worse. Here’s everything you need to know about giving your pup longan fruit. Read on to learn the answer to can dogs eat longan?

Can Dogs Eat Longan? All You Need to Know

Longan, also known as the dragon eye fruit in China, is an ancient Chinese fruit that is native to southern China and northern Thailand. It can be eaten out of hand or used in juices, desserts, and other dishes. Today, longan fruits are on sale in many grocery stores and Asian markets. But can dogs eat longan? Find out here!

Can Dogs Eat Longan

What Is a Longan

The longan is a tropical fruit tree native to Southeast Asia and bears small oval fruits, usually no larger than a golf ball. It is called the dragon eye in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand because it resembles an eyeball when halved. Though longans are largely unknown in Western countries, they are popular in many Asian regions as a snack or dessert ingredient. They may be used fresh or dried; they become crunchy when dried but remain sweet and chewy. Like figs and certain other fruits, they can be stuffed with savory fillings for an appetizer or snack dish.

What are the risks of giving my dog longan?

Before feeding your dog longan, make sure you do some research. Some dogs are allergic to certain fruits, so it’s always good to know what’s happening with your pet and their body when trying new foods. Also, dogs with kidney problems may not be able to handle certain fruits. Start slow with a few small pieces of fruit and gauge how your dog reacts; if there are no issues after a couple of days, then feel free to increase portions (again, watch for allergic reactions). It’s also important to note that longan can cause diarrhea in dogs if they’re unable to digest it properly—so go slow until you know how much is safe for your pup.

Can Dogs Eat Longan

Should I feed my dog dried or fresh longan fruit?

Feeding your dog fresh longan fruit is generally a better idea, as it will be softer and more accessible for your dog to digest. Dried longan fruit does contain less water, but it’s also usually been prepared with sugar or other flavorings that may not be good for dogs. Some nutrients may be lost in drying, but otherwise, you can count on getting similar amounts of nutrition from both varieties. The more significant issue is what longan does for your dog—is it safe for them, or will they suffer complications from eating it? That’s something you should know before letting them try any new foods.

How Good Is The Longan Fruit For Dogs?

It’s perfect for dogs. This small reddish-purple fruit is rich in nutrients, providing vitamin C, calcium, thiamine, and riboflavin. It’s also high in iron, phosphorus, and potassium. In particular, potassium is essential for keeping a dog’s blood pressure stable and regulating a healthy heartbeat. So if your dog suffers from heart issues or high blood pressure, you may want to consider longan as a good food source! As well as being a healthy snack option, longan has been known in Chinese medicine to be an effective natural remedy for constipation, making it great for dogs who suffer from digestive problems!

Can Dogs Eat Longan

Are they safe for your dog to eat

While longans are very nutritious and safe for humans to eat, there is limited research on whether they’re safe for your dog. Before you feed your dog any new type of food, check with your vet to ensure it’s okay. If he gives you his blessing, offer him only a small portion first and keep an eye out for adverse reactions (such as vomiting or diarrhea). While longans aren’t toxic in general, they can be potentially dangerous if eaten in large quantities because they contain a lot of sugar. So make sure to limit their consumption—especially if you have a pup with poor impulse control—to 1–2 every couple of days.

can dogs eat longan
can dogs eat longan

Are There Any Side Effects from Feeding A Dog A Longan Fruit?

The good news is that there are no side effects. However, you should note that like all fruits, longans have a great deal of sugar and calories, so it’s not recommended you give them as a meal replacement. Also, longans may cause allergic reactions in your dog just as in humans, so be sure to oversee him after eating one. If you see any unusual behavior (more than usual), such as hyperactivity or increased scratching or paw licking, stop giving him longans immediately. It’s also worth noting that if your dog has a sensitive stomach, they may not tolerate longans well either. Give small doses first and monitor how your dog reacts before giving more regularly.

Side effects of eating too many

While longan is generally safe for dogs to eat, it does contain nutrients that can be harmful in large amounts. Specifically, fruits high in sugar can cause dogs to gain weight if they consume too much. If your dog eats too many pieces of longan fruit or sugary foods, you might notice excessive panting and thirst or urination. Additionally, some pets develop diarrhea after eating foods containing a lot of sugar. In rare cases, too much sugar may lead to more severe conditions like hyperglycemia and even death. Your best bet is to track how many pieces your pet consumes at a time.

Can Dogs Eat Longan

Is it okay to feed your dog longan?

Most longans are a member of two species, Euodia or Chrysophyllum. Both are members of the Sapindaceae family, including safflower, ginkgo, and acai berry. There’s no nutritional difference between Euodia and Chrysophyllum as they’re both rich in Vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorous. If you can get your hands on fresh longans, you shouldn’t have any problem feeding them to your dog. But make sure he doesn’t eat too many! Too much vitamin C could harm his health if he overdoses.

How much longan is safe for your dog

The ASPCA warns that overeating fruit like longan can cause diarrhea, an upset stomach, and even vomiting. While your dog may love a piece of fruit as a treat, it’s essential to ensure he doesn’t have too much. Talk with your vet if you have concerns about giving your dog longan. In general, large amounts of longan should be avoided.

Can Dogs Eat Longan

How to prepare raw longan for your dog

First, consider your dog’s age. If your dog is an adult, it’s safe to feed them a few longans daily in small amounts as a treat. As with other fruits and vegetables, moderation is key: Don’t feed your dog more than one or two small pieces of longan a day. If you have a puppy, wait until it grows to 12 months old before feeding it any raw longans; otherwise, young dogs risk digestive issues from an inadequate enzymatic system.

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