Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles? The Surprising Answer!

Can dogs eat sprinkles? This may seem like an odd question, but keep reading to find out the surprising answer! We’ll take you through the reason behind the question in just a moment, but first, let’s discuss what sprinkles are. Sprinkles are also known as jimmies or nonpareils and are typically tiny; colorful sugar candies are used to decorate pastries, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, and more.

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles? Everything You Need to Know

Does your dog have a sweet tooth? While we’re not sure whether dogs truly enjoy sweets as much as we do, they do have taste buds and the ability to taste sugar. That said, it’s not entirely clear whether sprinkles are safe for dogs to eat, especially in large quantities or regularly. Before you give your pup sprinkles, you need to know about this popular treat and its potential dangers to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles

What are sprinkles?

While it’s likely you don’t spend much time pondering what sprinkles are, you probably have eaten them at some point. Essentially, they’re small pieces of candy—colorful and crunchy—added to baked goods like cookies and brownies or used as decoration on top of cupcakes. (We know, we know. It sounds delightful.) While sprinkles have always been a part of your life, they might be one of those things that you never stopped to think about—like, is what I’m eating right now okay for my dog? If not, should I even care if he eats sprinkles or if they’re bad for dogs in general? Let’s find out!

Are they suitable for dogs?

And ultimately, is it a good idea to feed your dog sprinkles? In short: yes! Most likely, they’re not harmful in any way. And mists may even be beneficial—or at least harmless. If you like feeding your dog treats (and who doesn’t), sprinkles are no different from any other treat you could give them—assuming they like them. And if you’re making homemade goodies for your furry friend, sprinkles are worth considering! Your puppy will thank you for it! Just make sure there aren’t any added ingredients that might pose a problem before serving up a bowl full of snail trail treats!

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles

How much are they safe for your dog?

You may be tempted to buy a bag of color inkles and a sprinkler bagger dog go at it, but it’s probably not safe. Most sweetened sprinkles contain sugar and food coloring; too much sugar is bad for dogs’ teeth and can lead to obesity. Additionally, many artificial colors are considered unsafe in amounts more than a few milligrams per pound of body weight. Food dyes are included on an FDA list of ingredients generally recognized as safe, but they still aren’t good for your pup (or human) if eaten in large quantities. It’s better to avoid food coloring products; most natural foods dye their products with alternatives like beet juice or turmeric extracts instead.

Ways you can use them for training your dog.

Sprinkles are an appealing treat for dogs, but they can be a little trickier than other foods to use in training because they’re so small. The best approach combines these three uses: Leave sprinkles out with regular dog food. Sprinkle them on top of kibble or wet food as a reward for finishing their meal. Use them like treats during training sessions and never make them contingent on behavior. When using sprinkles like treats, don’t give your dog more than three at a time. It may sound excessive, but sprinkles are tiny, easy to overdo for small dogs, and hard for some owners to track how many their dogs are eating.

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles

What happens if my dog eats too many

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell how many sprinkles a dog can eat before he starts getting into trouble. Each dog is different, so what would be a treat for one could be too much of a good thing for another. Most problems happen when dogs eat items that aren’t food, such as medications or candies. If your dog eats sprinkles along with his regular diet, he probably won’t have any problems. However, if you notice your dog having trouble defecating or showing signs of pain like yelping while trying to go, contact your vet immediately and get your dog treated right away.

The case against eating sprinkles

They’re small, brightly colored pieces of candy. But have you ever considered whether or not dogs can eat sprinkles? In short, no. While most treats for dogs are completely safe for consumption, it turns out that these little pieces of candy might be too dangerous for Fido. Read on to learn everything about whether or not your dog can eat sprinkles and how you should use them in moderation if you choose to indulge your pup.

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles

What Are Sprinkles Made Of?

Start with what sprinkles are not: they’re not meant for people. You might have heard horror stories about a child getting sick after accidentally eating too many of these tiny pastel confections. Sprinkles are made of sugar, coloring, and often starch to help them stick to food—and while that doesn’t seem so bad on its own, most dogs don’t need any added sugar in their diet. Some sprinkles also contain other chemicals or additives that can be toxic to your dog; best to avoid giving him access to these.

Health Risks for Dogs

Resist, although it might be tempting to sneak some sprinkles on a freshly baked cupcake for yourself! Can dogs eat dangerous sprays that can make your pup seriously ill? For example, xylitol—the sweetener commonly used in sugar-free candies—can cause liver failure and death in dogs. Even worse: Just a few ingestions of these treats can lead to severe hypoglycemia, which is life-threatening. Xylitol can also trigger seizures and lower blood sugar levels, which are dangerous side effects.

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles

What to Do If Your Dog Ingests a Bunch of Sprinkles

Given how tiny and delicious sprinkles are, it’s no surprise that dogs often show a strong interest in them. And while it’s true that your four-legged friend might benefit from some color in his diet, specific colors aren’t OK for canines to eat. For example, brown and yellow sprinkles have been known to cause abdominal pain or sickness (including diarrhea), while red or purple ones may turn your dog’s urine or feces purple. If you see that your puppy has eaten any sprinkles—or even if you think he might have gobbled up some—contact a vet; depending on what kind of sprinkles he ate, additional treatment may be required.

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles

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