how to get a great pyrenees to sleep at night?10 easy tips!

how to get a great pyrenees to sleep at night

How to get a great pyrenees to sleep at night? Although the Great Pyrenees can adapt to almost any living situation, it’s essential to have a regular sleeping routine so that your dog doesn’t feel stressed or unsettled when it’s time to go to bed. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common methods people use to get their Great Pyrenees to sleep through the night and explain why they might not be the best options. We’ll also provide you with other tips and suggestions to decide what works best for you and your pet.

The great Pyrenees Won’t Sleep At Night? Here’s What You Can Do!

When you own the great Pyrenees dog, or any dog for that matter, you will find yourself asking lots of questions about how to take care of them properly. This includes the simple task of getting them to sleep peacefully at night. Although it sounds like an easy task, the Pyrenees can be very restless, and their stubborn personalities will try everything to get you to let them stay awake and play with you longer! Luckily, we have put together a list of 10 ways to get the great Pyrenees to sleep at night that should help your pup fall asleep quickly and easily every night!

how to get a great pyrenees to sleep at night

1)Create an environment for them to be calm

For your dog to sleep, you must ensure its environment is calm. Many dogs are scared of the dark and will sleep better with a nightlight. You can also put sounds that relax them, like white noise or ocean waves. If you have another pet in the house, it might help if they sleep in the same room as your Pyrenees dog.

2) Switch off the light

1. If your dog is having trouble sleeping, try switching off the light in their room. If they still refuse to go to sleep, try a few of these other techniques.
2. A few breeds of dogs, including Great Danes and Rottweilers, are even susceptible to night terrors. This can be a terrifying experience for the owner, that has no idea what’s happening or how to help them. To get your dog back into bed, place a hand over their muzzle and shake them gently until they wake up and start calming down again.

how to get a great pyrenees to sleep at night

3) Keep your dog well exercised during the day

1. Provide your pup with plenty of exercises throughout the day. This is especially important for breeds that require a lot of physical activity, like the Great Pyrenees. Like humans, dogs are more likely to have insomnia when bored and restless, so it’s best to keep them from getting stir-crazy by giving them a chance for regular walks and playtime throughout the day.
2. Try walking with your dog in an area with fewer people and less noise during the early morning or later evening hours. The dark will make it easier for your pup to relax, and if there are fewer distractions out on these streets, he’ll be able to focus on his surroundings instead of worrying about what might be coming up behind him or what strange noises he might hear in the distance.

4) Clean up after meals

* Make sure they have plenty of fresh water and food. * Keep your Great Pyrenees in a well-ventilated area. * Keep them away from strong smells that might irritate their sensitive noses, like cigarette smoke or perfumes. * Don’t forget to brush their teeth twice weekly with toothpaste for dogs. * Give them big toys and chew items to keep them entertained during the day and discourage destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture. * Offer plenty of exercise opportunities such as walks, running free outside (with supervision), or games of fetch inside if you live in an apartment building where it’s not safe for them to be off leash due to traffic concerns or other hazards.

great pyrenees
The great Pyrenees

5) Focus on quality of life, not quantity

The Great Pyrenees is a giant and powerful dog breed. They’re sweet, loving, and loyal animals that are happiest when they have plenty of time to spend with their family. But sometimes they can be stubborn and difficult to control, so they must get enough exercise during the day. They also need lots of love and attention from their humans to be content. And finally, one of the most important things for this breed is ensuring they get enough rest at night! If your Pyr isn’t getting enough rest, he may not be a happy pup- or a well-behaved one either… Here are some tips on how you can make sure your Pyr is getting all the sleep he needs

6) Schedule daily walks

When it comes to getting your dog to sleep, nothing works better than a healthy dose of exercise. Dogs are an active species and many breeds, like Great Pyrenees, need lots of daily activity. But don’t worry–it doesn’t have to be long walks every day, even short ones will work! Your dog won’t feel like going for an evening walk if he already had one during the day. So make sure you schedule them around your work schedule and always have time for a quick walk before bedtime.

7) Create an ideal environment

A significant factor in dogs’ sleep quality is their space. If your dog sleeps on a comfy bed, chances are she’ll be perfectly content; however, if she’s lying on an old tattered blanket or her fur, it can make her feel less secure and less likely to sleep through the night. Try swapping out beds and blankets until you find something that suits both your dog’s preferences and your decor. Most importantly, keep a clean bed so you’re sure not to add other smells that might keep her awake.

8) Medication May Be Necessary

Although it’s not a good idea to give medication every night or on an as-needed basis, some medications can make it easier for your dog to sleep through the night. One such medication is melatonin, available over the counter in pet stores and online. Some vets recommend 1mg per 10 pounds doses but check with your vet before giving any medications. Another suggestion is a calming product like Rescue Remedy, which many owners swear. Other products you might find helpful are calming sprays (which contain pheromones) and herbal remedies, like valerian root or chamomile tea.

how to get a great pyrenees to sleep at night

9) Don’t let them drink too much water before bedtime

Being a large breed of dog, Great Pyrenees can drink lots of water and must go outside frequently during the day. If they drink too much water before bedtime, they may not be able to sleep soundly because they’ll have to go outside often. It would help if you always tried to give them access to fresh water throughout the day, but be careful not to over-indulge them in it before bedtime.

10)Control Their Feeding

You’ll need to control their feeding to get your dog to sleep through the dining. Generally, feed your pet three times a day with good quality food. Avoid feeding them too much because it will make them sleepier when they should be more active.

Feed your dog before you go to bed. Ideally, this should be about two hours before you plan on going to sleep for the night. Keep in mind that some dogs are better than others at delaying their hunger until you’re ready for bedtime. Feeding them earlier may result in a restless and hungry dow it have trouble falling asleep. If you know that your dog will need food aroun8 pmpm, provide them at 6 pm instead and try a8 pmpm again if they still aren’t sleeping soundly.

how to get a great pyrenees to sleep at night


1) Exercise your dog before bedtime.
2) Have your dog sleep in a quiet area of the house.
3) Provide soft and comfortable bedding.
4) Keep your dog’s water bowl near their bedding area.
5) Create an environment that is both cool and humid (cooler at night, warmer during the day).

6) Don’t feed your dog too close to when they are going to sleep.

7 ) Don’t leave water out all night, especially if gets hot or cold overnight.

8) Give them plenty of toys to play with while they’re alone.

9) Put them on a strict schedule: go to bed at the same time every night, wake up at the same time every morning. You should be able to notice that they are getting tired earlier in the evening and staying asleep longer as well.

Consult with your vet

There are a few potential explanations for why your Great Pyrenees won’t sleep at night. It may be that they’re sick, or it could be something as simple as being hungry. To determine the cause, you should consult your vet and ask them to perform a physical exam. If your vet discovers that there is nothing wrong with the dog and that it has no medical problems, it might be time to check in on its feeding schedule. Perhaps they eat too many snacks at night and can’t fall asleep because their stomach is full of food.
If this doesn’t work either, then it might be best to speak with an animal behaviorist who will be able to help out.

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