Can Dogs Eat Fruit Roll Ups? We Investigated!

Fruit roll-ups have long been the bane of parents everywhere, but can dogs eat fruit roll-ups? Well, the answer isn’t as simple as you might think! Before we give you our list of the safest and most healthy fruits to share with your dog, let’s examine why strictly dogs like them so much in the first place!

What are Fruit Roll-Ups?

We tried to answer this big question as best we could. If you’re not familiar with Fruit Roll-Ups, they are a kid’s snack food produced by Welch’s and sold at stores like Walmart. The product itself is dehydrated fruit that has been coated in flavored sugar syrup and then rolled up into what resembles more of a tube of paper than a fruit roll-up. Don’t let that deceive you, though; just because they look like they aren’t healthy doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

Can Dogs Eat Fruit Roll Ups

How do they taste

The flavor of these fruit snacks is straightforward to describe; it tastes exactly how you would expect a pack of candy-flavored fruit snacks to taste. The strawberry flavor was more prominent than a grape, but both were pretty good, and my dogs seemed to enjoy them a lot (they’re hard to resist even for humans). If your dog has been begging for some of your treats, I think they would probably love these too. They seem perfectly safe if they don’t have any food allergies that artificial ingredients would trigger. And if you need an extra incentive—the package says it will make training more accessible, and we all know how much humans like treats when trying to teach their pets tricks.

How do they look

A proper fruit roll-up is pliable, but most of today’s fruit rolls contain cellulose (an insoluble fiber made from wood pulp) or other ingredients that add texture. So how do they feel? We couldn’t answer that question firsthand, but we did chat with a company spokesman who noted that his product doesn’t stick to your fingers when you handle it—another reason it is unlike natural fruit. Speaking of real fruit, apples, and bananas are safe bets if you want to give your dog a healthier treat than candy and snacks. Ask your vet before giving any dog food item or human snack; some fruits have pits or seeds that can cause intestinal problems if consumed by dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Fruit Roll Ups

Why do people buy them for their dogs?

People buy fruit roll-ups for their dogs for several reasons. First, fruit roll-ups are appealing to look at, and a dog can devour them. The main reason people buy these is that it gives them time to walk away from their dog while eating. A good rule of thumb is always to supervise your pet when you provide them with any treat or Inhumans manufactured by humans. Always watch closely to make sure they do not choke or gulp down large chunks of food at once.

What should dog owners know about buying these treats for their pets?

Most dogs love human snacks and enjoy eating human food, like fruits and veggies. But, some human foods can be harmful to our furry friends. Some of these snacks can make dogs sick or kill them because they contain chemicals or other ingredients dogs can’t digest. Read on to learn more about which treats should stay out of your dog’s mouth (and read more here).

Can Dogs Eat Fruit Roll Ups


Can dogs eat fruit roll-ups? The short answer to this question is yes and no, as there are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether or not your dog can safely consume this product. While some dogs seem to thrive on human foods, others can have adverse reactions to beautiful items for humans. Therefore, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian if you aren’t sure whether or not fruit roll-ups are suitable for your furry friend!

Can Dogs Eat Fruit Roll Ups

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