Why Do Cats Like Crinkly Things ?10 Possible Explanations

Why do cats like crinkly things? If you’ve ever seen a cat playing with crinkly material, you know that the sound of crinkling paper makes them crazy with happiness. But why do cats like wavy things? Some pet owners assume it’s because cats love to play with form and bags, but there may be more to this strange fascination than meets the eye (or ear). Here are ten possible explanations for why cats are crinkly-crazy and some additional ideas on engaging your kitty in this fun activity!

1) Sound is attractive to cats

Cats’ ears are designed to pick up on the slightest of sounds. This is why cats seem so in tune with their environment. They can hear a mouse scurrying across the floor, a person walking in the hallway or even a slight change in sound from outside. Though they don’t have an outer ear flap like dogs and many other animals, they have three different ear flaps that allow them to move their ears independently and pinpoint where sounds are coming from.
This super-hearing may also explain why cats love crinkling paper. When you crinkle paper, it creates rapid changes in air pressure, which cause vibrating sound waves to be made.

2) The feeling makes them curious

Cats are naturally curious. Their curiosity is one of the many reasons why they like to explore, jump, and crawl all over things. The crinkle noise also excites their hunting instincts because it mimics the sound of prey trying to escape from them. Lastly, cats have a deep need for touch and often curl up into a ball or arch their backs when they are around something that crinkles.

What makes cats like crinkly things?
What makes cats like crinkly things?

3) They can get it under their paws and claws

Cats love crinkly things because they can get them under their paws and claws, which are full of nerve endings. It feels good on their sensitive skin. They also like the sound that crinkling makes, similar to a cat’s hunting cry. Plus, when cats play with toys made out of crinkle material, it helps them exercise their bodies and sharpen their claws. The best part is that many pet stores sell these toys for only a few dollars!

4) It’s an excellent tool to play with

Cats love to play with crinkly things. Many people think it’s because cats like to hunt, but cats want to play. They’re constantly looking for something to explore and manipulate, and crinkle is a fun way for them. It’s an excellent tool for playing with.

cats like crinkly things
cats like crinkly things

5) It encourages hunting instincts in domestic cats

It is a common misconception that cats like crinkly things because they sound similar to small animals or prey noises. However, this is not usually the case. Domestic cats do not have the same hunting instincts as wild cats and, thus, are less likely to be stimulated by these noises. Instead, they may be attracted to the crinkle sound because it reminds them of their mother’s fur, or it could just be that they enjoy playing with their toys and want something, in particular, to make noise with.

6) The sound calms them down when they are anxious

Cats are natural predators, always on the prowl for their next meal or drink. They are also territorial animals and like to stake out their own space in your home. With all of these needs, it’s no wonder cats need sound – specifically crinkling sounds. The sound calms them down when anxious, which is why you often see them rolling around in crinkly things such as paper bags or boxes.

7) Their hearing and touch are powerful

Cats’ hearing and touch are powerful. Since crinkly things produce low-pitched sounds, cats may like them because they feel the vibrations in their whiskers and hear the sound. They may also like it because of their keen sense of smell – many crinkle balls have an odor that cats find appealing. Other reasons for cats enjoying crinkle balls include

8) New sounds are intriguing

Cats are often curious, and they like to explore new things. New sounds are no exception. Crinkling paper can quickly get a cat’s attention, which might be why cats love it so much. It can also give the animal a sense of security and comfort if it’s scared or upset because it reminds them of its mother’s purring. Plus, crinkling paper is just plain fun!

cats-crinkly things
cats-crinkly things

9) They can scratch their ears with crinkle toys

Cats are notorious for having a variety of odd behaviors. One of their most popular ones is that cats like to scratch themselves, and this has been linked to how they use their claws for hunting prey, but there are other theories as well. For example, some experts believe that scratching helps cats get rid of the excess hair in their coats, while others think they do it to mark their territory and make it smell like them. There’s even the idea that they do it because they feel good or bored.
Regardless of what motivates them, one thing is clear: many cats love crinkle toys. The feline sense of hearing is much more sensitive than ours, and with a crinkle toy, you’ll hear an exciting sound when your cat scratches at it.

10) There may be other reasons, too…

1. They may feel vibrations on the ground, which they associate with prey.
2. As babies, they may have been fed with bottles that made a crinkling sound.
3. The crinkle of a bag or paper resembles the sound of mice scurrying about, which could be interesting to watch and hunt.
4. It could be that they find the sound is relaxing or comforting, similar to how we might enjoy listening to rain hitting the roof during a stormy day or crickets chirping at night.

5. They make great toys
Cats are naturally drawn to crinkly things. There are several reasons for this – some more likely than others. It could be that they enjoy the sound that it makes, or they like to watch the object move around. Maybe it’s because they can’t resist the smell of catnip or because they feel like they’re hunting their prey when playing with a crinkle toy. Whatever the reason is, cats love them!

6. They are natural hunting instincts
Cats are not too different from their natural ancestors, which were also predators. They have a predatory instinct that urges them to stalk and hunt prey. This trait can be observed in their hunting behavior, which is usually active at dusk. The crinkling sound of a cat toy mimics the sound of small animals rustling about in leaves or undergrowth. With a bit of imagination, it is easy to see how the crinkly toy would appeal to cats.

7. They can be playful
Cats are not uncommonly active, and a wrinkled bag is just the right size to encourage them to pounce, bat at, and play with. They may even enjoy the crinkle sound when they jump on it. Cats also have a sense of touch that is different from ours. They can feel vibrations much more acutely than we can, which means they might find crinkles as pleasing to their ears as we do to our eyes.

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