Can Cats Eat Pastrami? The Surprising Answer

can cats eat pastrami? Cats can eat pastrami, but they shouldn’t! It’s not good for them! This isn’t what you want to hear if you’re feeling like making your cat a treat, but we would instead tell you the truth and prevent you from making an error that could harm your furry friend.

With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about whether or not your cat can eat pastrami and what should happen if he gets some pastrami in his mouth or stomach.


Can Cats Eat Pastrami? The Answer Might Surprise You!

The name pastrami comes from Romanian pastrami, which means salted meat. So there’s no question that humans can eat pastrami. Well, the same cannot be said for your cat! Sure, you may think that your kitty would love to chow down on some pastrami now and then, but believe it or not, this type of meat can be dangerous to him. Here’s why. And how you can prevent your cat from trying to eat pastrami (or any other kind of meat).

Can Cats Eat Pastrami

The introduction

As tasty as it is for humans, the pastrami is a pretty unhealthy choice for cats. Pastrami contains lots of salt and saturated fat, increasing your cat’s risk of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

Cats also don’t need to eat red meat because they get most of their daily protein from chicken or fish, so there isn’t much nutritional value in pastrami either. But before you sneak that next piece of meat onto your kitty’s plate, check out what your vet has to say about it.


what is pastrami

First, the pastrami is a type of smoked, cured meat (most often beef or turkey) originated in Romania. Today, most pastrami is made using brisket, though, at one time, other cuts such as round and navel were used as well.

It’s then seasoned with a spice rub and smoked over wood—either hickory or mesquite. After smoking, it’s steamed until it’s partially cooked through and then coated with a spicy brine before being cold-smoked until it’s ready to eat.


Why Your Cat Will Love This Delicious Treat

A lot of people love pastrami. It’s flavorful, it’s healthy, and it can be an exciting and creative new addition to your regular diet. You might already serve pastrami on a sandwich—so why not give it to your cat, too? Because cats can eat pastrami if prepared adequately! Of course, when you feed your cat anything new (or even old), it’s essential to do so responsibly.

If you want to ensure that you are serving your cat only safe food that will make her happy and healthy, then keep reading for our tips on how cats can eat pastrami. Your cat will thank you for it!


What You Need To Know Before Giving Pastrami To Your Cat

Some types of meat are not suitable for cats to eat. This is true for pastrami. If you want to feed your cat pastrami, you must cook it beforehand.

You can make a homemade version that you can give your cat, but there are some risks involved in feeding your cat any cooked meat, so it is best to avoid giving it cooked beef altogether. Below we’ll look at why and how pastrami can hurt your cat and whether or not they can eat pastrami in small amounts.

Can Cats Eat Pastrami

A Word Of Caution

You might think that your furry friend would be more than happy to gobble up a couple of slices of deli meat if you offered it—and you’d be right. Unfortunately, cats don’t have enough enzymes in their stomachs to break down pastrami as humans do. Pastrami can cause severe damage to your pet if they consume it and should never be fed as a treat.

Beef, especially cured beef like pastrami, is highly acidic and could lead to issues with blood clotting, kidney failure, and urinary tract infections in cats. Make sure you double-check with your vet before offering any new foods for your pet—and avoid serving them around holidays when there may be excessive temptations!

disadvantages of feeding your cat with this food type

First, like any cured meat, pastrami can be high in salt. If your cat already has heart problems or is on a low-salt diet for some other reason, you shouldn’t serve it to them. Secondly, if your cat doesn’t like beef—or even different types of red meat—then you probably shouldn’t feed them.

Some cats don’t enjoy eating meat that isn’t raw. Thirdly, pastrami may have preservatives (nitrates and nitrites). These are potentially dangerous for cats, some causing liver damage and others carcinogenic. Finally, many dogs love pastrami, but most cats won’t eat it.


can cats eat pastrami
can cats eat pastrami

Why it is unhealthy for your cat

Since pastrami is typically made with a combination of beef and pork, it can contain several ingredients cats should avoid. The preservatives in most processed meats, such as sodium nitrate and nitrite, are unhealthy for cats. Some sausages contain high amounts of fat or salt that are not good for your cat’s health either.

Check labels to ensure your cat’s food is low in sodium and high in protein. Most dogs can eat small amounts of pastrami once in a while; however, ensure it’s sliced very thin before feeding it to your pup, so he doesn’t have trouble digesting all of the salt.


What you should be feeding your cat instead.

Beef and veal are too high in arachidonic acid. The fat from these meats also does not break down well for cats, says Dr. Hutchins. Duck and goose are also out of bounds due to their high-fat content. The same goes for pork: ham, bacon, sausage, you name it—these meats aren’t good for felines (but dog owners can feel free to share).

And never give your cat liver or kidney—too much vitamin A could cause damage to its digestive tract. Catfish is full of bones that can puncture stomach walls, so it’s best avoided.

Can Cats Eat Pastrami

Other meats you should avoid giving your cat

Pork—Like other products from pigs, pork is unsafe for cats. Pork contains trypsin inhibitors and chemical toxins, including nitrates and nitrites, known to cause health problems in pets. Raw fish—Fish can have some bacterial infections that can hurt your cat’s gastrointestinal tract if eaten in large quantities or raw.

Cured meats—These meats aren’t considered safe for cats due to a high risk of salmonella and listeria contamination. Bologna—This deli meat is one example of cured meat that you should never feed your cat because it contains chemical preservatives (nitrates/nitrites) that are unhealthy for cats to consume.


Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering whether or not cats can eat pastrami, there’s no doubt that they are welcome to try it—but a cat shouldn’t rely on pastrami as a primary source of nutrition. As you may have guessed, most varieties of beef contain lactose, which will cause severe stomach upset for your feline friend.

However, if you give your tiny cat amounts of pastrami from time to time, it should be safe—remember that it’s an occasional snack and nothing more. It would help if you also stuck with pastrami sliced extra thin so that it’s easy for Fido to swallow.

The conclusion

Long story short, pastrami is not good food for cats. Cats should not eat pastrami for many reasons, including its high salt content, which could lead to hypertension (or high blood pressure). It’s also challenging for cats to digest, which could be fatal if it causes a blockage in their gastrointestinal tract.

Most importantly, there’s no need to feed your cat pastrami to make him happy—give him some love and attention! If you want to give your cat something new and exciting, try adding a few small pieces of boiled chicken breast meat or salmon. Please ensure they are small enough that your cat can swallow them easily; otherwise, they could get stuck and require surgery.

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